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In God We Trust

It’s a famous saying, but more than that, for farmers like you it holds the key to increasing crop yields and health, improving the health and productivity of your herds and, ultimately, maximizing the returns you get for your hard work. You need to know that God designed the world and everything in and on it and gave us people a 100% free will. With that free will we can follow His will or we can follow the whisperings of Satan. The last one has resulted in many man made products like commercial fertilizers, herbicides, gmo foods, junk foods processed foods, antibiotics, vaccines, preservatives, etc, etc. That’s the fundamental reason why there are so many diseases in soils, crops, animals and people!

Welcome to Cow Planet Ltd.

We are farmers too.

And we’re here to help you use the power of nature to eliminate the common problems that lie between you and a healthier, more profitable farm.

  • The Problem

    In the past 100 years of farming, while the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, hormones, vaccines, and antibiotics has grown exponentially, diseases in soils, plants, animals and people have also grown steadily.

    And the results are alarming:

    • 80% – the average reduction in organic matter found in soil
    • 3% to 4% – the average amount of organic matter in North American soil today
    • 80% – the average reduction in the real nutrient density of cops

    The Real Problem – The health of your crops, animals, and every human who depends upon them, is constantly under attack.

  • Why the Problem Exists

    While commercial chemical compounds contain some essential minerals, they are inorganic. Nobel Prize nominee, Professor Louis Kervran, discovered a critical difference between organic and inorganic minerals.

    That difference is at the heart of why we now suffer poor soil conditions and increased disease in animals. The whole industry has sold the farmers world wide on commercial fertilizers and made it sound wonderful, but the truth is that these fertilizers always contain N (nitrogen), P (phosphate), K (Potassium). Crops when they are full grown contain in the dry matter approximately 47% carbon, 43% oxygen, 4% hydrogen, 3% nitrogen and 3% of all other minerals. The problem with the commercial fertilizers is that the inorganic quality of it makes it bypass the microbes in the soil and create weak crops, bulked up with a lot of moisture (because potassium attracts lots of water) and therefor low in real nutrients to give health. And as a side effect you get lots of weeds. The greater the soil weakness is the more and the bigger the weeds grow. And on top farmers got told to use herbicides to control the weeds and diseases.

    Prof. Kervran studied hens living in areas where no calcium was present in the soil although they continued to lay eggs with the correct calcium content. He discovered that the hens transmutated the organic potassium in their feed into the calcium found in their eggs.

    That ability to transmutate in living organisms (rumen / soil in conjunction with microbes) is how organic minerals can provide all the nutrients plants and animals need in the right proportion for optimal health.

    Inorganic minerals, like those found in commercial fertilizers can’t transmutate – so it is impossible for them to make your soil, crops and livestock as healthy as possible.

  • The Natural Solution

    Coming from the heart of the earth, delivered by God through nature, volcanic lava contains every organic mineral that exists to help make your entire farm healthier and more productive. Volcanic lava is as the blood of Jesus!

    When you use volcanic lava instead of commercial fertilizers, premixes and pesticides, you enjoy a full harvest of benefits:

    • Increased organic matter and nutrients in your soil
    • Healthier crops and higher yields
    • Fewer incidents of animal diseases and fertility problems
    • Much less dependence on expensive commercial products
    • Higher income from a more productive farm

    As farmers, we at Cow Planet suffered the same issues with low crop yields and poor livestock health. We have seen the remarkable improvements that come from switching to 100% organic lava. And we know you will too.

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"The Overall Health of the Herd Clearly Improved"

- John Albrecht, Milverton

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