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If your land, crops, or livestock has been deteriorated by demineralization or disease, we have the solutions.


"The Overall Health of the Herd Clearly Improved"



Cow Planet Ltd. makes it easy for farmers to become organic, without the need to become an official organic producer, without the typical loss of yield and with a quick response to soil and animal. With more then 30 years of experience in the agriculture I have learned that the biggest mistake of mankind is the use of synthetic fertilizers. It’s my calling to show and help farmers to produce healthy food again and make a much better profit.

Our Passion

Cow Planet Ltd has been a Redmond Minerals dealer for 11 years! With Redmond Minerals you get the benefits thanks to my new discovery using our product Redmond Conditioner:

  • More milk per cow

  • Optimizes immune system

  • Replaces every premix completely!

  • No more vaccinations needed

  • Reduce antibiotic use drastically

  • No more hormones needed

  • Better Fertility / Easier heat detection

  • Much less hoof problems / Eliminates strawberry

  • Eliminates milk fever, retained placenta, twisted stomachs, cysts, acidosis and ketoses.

  • Better appetite

  • Eliminates ammonia, therefor no pneumonia

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Increase your dairy yield efficiently and easily.

With a small dosage of Redmond conditioner mixed with the feed, a makes a dramatic increase in milk output and the overall health of your herd.


"Here at our feed lot, we use the Redmond Salt and the Redmond Conditioner all the way through from start to finish. We like what the Redmond Minerals do for the cattle. Our gains are good, but our yields are really great. In this business standard yields are 63 to 63.5%; we consistently get 64.5% or more all the time, and that increase is significant."

-Ed Kau, West Point, NE


“Over the past 8 years, our Redmond Mineral program has been 8 oz. of SR 50 per cow per day. Our dairy is an open lot with 450 lactating cows in Idaho. The cow health and repro are excellent. Even after an extremely hot summer in 2013, we had only 23 cows that were open over 200 days of milk.”

-T Dairy, ID

brown pathway between green leaf plants
brown pathway between green leaf plants
Soil Regeneration

Cow Planet provides seamless solutions for all forms of soil problems in any scale of the agricultural industry.

Livestock Regeneration

Cow Planet provides solutions to your livestock with underlying health and nutrition issues.

Redmond minerals offers tiered mineral solutions that make your life easier and your cattle happier.

- Redmond Agriculture

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man in blue denim jeans standing beside blue tractor during daytime
man in blue denim jeans standing beside blue tractor during daytime