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In God We Trust

It’s a famous saying, but more than that, for farmers like you it holds the key to increasing crop yields and health, improving the health and productivity of your herds and, ultimately, maximizing the returns you get for your hard work. You need to know that God designed the world and everything in and on it and gave us people a 100% free will. With that free will we can follow His will or we can follow the whisperings of Satan. The last one has resulted in many man made products like commercial fertilizers, herbicides, gmo foods, junk foods processed foods, antibiotics, vaccines, preservatives, etc, etc. That’s the fundamental reason why there are so many diseases in soils, crops, animals and people!

Our Products and Research

Here at Cow Planet we only serve you the highest quality Redmond products that are the most scalable for your needs. Here we have attached some of the research and clinical dosages that have been tested on dairy farms around the world.

Redmond minerals offers tiered mineral solutions that make your life easier and your cattle happier.

- Redmond Agriculture

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man in blue denim jeans standing beside blue tractor during daytime
man in blue denim jeans standing beside blue tractor during daytime