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Over the last few years, farmers abroad are encountering more and more problems with there solid and crops. As time moves forward farmers are becoming more dependent than ever on expensive fertilizers and pesticides use to battle the problems at hand.

Over decades of nitrogen and pesticide use, the soil we plant our crops in loses its fertility. Farmers are finding they are becoming trapped in a cycle, the more aggressive the we push for more crop yield by adding fertilizer the more we kill the microbes contained inside the soil that help it regenerate it. Now many farmers and growers around the world are faced with a unique problem. Do we use more aggressive fertilizing methods or face the reality of our dying crops and our demineralized soil?

Here at Cow Planet, we are relieved to provide you with another solution that will boost your crop yield, your soil composure, and strengthen the microbes in your soil needed to break down organic matter into nutrients. The best part is our Redmond conditioner is able to be added to the soil in the spring during tilling while not effecting anything within your year to year farming. Redmond clay is guaranteed to lower demineralization, soil compaction, mold, flooding and disease migration, which has been plaguing farmers for years.

Redmond minerals offers tiered mineral solutions that make your life easier and your cattle happier.

- Redmond Agriculture

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man in blue denim jeans standing beside blue tractor during daytime
man in blue denim jeans standing beside blue tractor during daytime